What does living in an intelligent community mean for young professionals?

Posted April 20th, 2011 at 2:08 pm

Celebration of Innovation ice sculpture~ By Jessica Quinn, director of programming

On April 18, Natasha Marar and Jessica Quinn of Young Professionals Windsor joined a myriad of professionals, businesses and community agencies passionately committed to the development and success of Windsor-Essex.

We participated in the celebration of Windsor-Essex’s entry as a top 7 contender into Intelligent Community Forum’s renowned Intelligent Communities of the World competition.

The Intelligent Community Forum (ICF) is an independent international organization that benchmarks communities on their use of information technology.

The event at St. Clair Centre for the Arts was a vibrant and inspiring celebration, both motivating and energizing, and brimming with promise for young professionals in the area.

The theme of the event was “As Good as I.T. Gets.” Windsor-Essex’s application to the annual ICF competition focused on the following topics:

  • Broadband penetration
  • Digital Inclusion
  • Knowledge workforce
  • Innovation, marketing and advocacy
  • Health and the intelligent community

For an in-depth explanation of each of these topics, visit Windsor-Essex Community portal

The evening opened with a lively and informative presentation by Robert Bell, Executive Director of the Intelligent Community Forum, followed by a video highlighting I.T. developments and collaboration in Windsor-Essex. The presentation and ensuing chummy banter with Windsor Mayor Eddie Francis and Essex County Warden Tom Bain reflected the renewed pride, community spirit and drive of area residents in transforming the economic climate of our region.

What does our ICF success mean for young professionals in Windsor-Essex?

Young professionals can leverage Windsor-Essex’s success with the ICF into personal career growth. For starters, young professionals must take note of the latest trends responsible for the economic turn-around in our area. Just as our ICF application focused on our extensive capabilities with respect to broadband, enhancing our knowledge workforce, health care innovation and marketing, so too must young professionals prepare themselves to compete in a knowledge-based, creative, innovative, and increasingly virtual, marketplace.

Our current, and predicted, economic and social climate will dictate where the jobs will be. Technology fuels a spectrum of diverse daily living activities, from connecting socially to collaborating as teams to shopping.

We live in a world with an aging population, growing environmental concerns, and ever-increasing demands for improved technology. In light of these trends, young professionals must be equipped to meet the demands of employers in these markets. The top fields slated for growth require professionals with solid creative thinking, interpersonal and communication skills. Though skill-based trades will continue to grow, the demand for knowledge-based professionals is increasing exponentially.

So where will young professionals likely see increased opportunities? Consider such fields as I.T., sales, education, health care, customer service, engineering, marketing, accounting and finance, administration, business development and research and development.

Collaboration among young professionals is key for Windsor-Essex growth

Natasha Marar and Jessica Hopkins of YPWindsor at the Celebration of Innovation

YPWindsor executives Natasha Marar, director of communications, and Jessica Quinn, director of programming, at the Celebration of Innovation on April 28, 2011

Young Professionals Windsor is dedicated to the professional advancement, retention and promotion of young leaders in our region. It provides a forum for members to collaborate, innovate and celebrate Windsor-Essex.

Become a member today and gain access to a community of engaged professionals, students and entrepreneurs who are passionate about their careers.

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